Make Your own Tye-Dye T-Shirts For teenagers

For audience with small children, learning the best way to make your own tye-dye t-shirts is usually a enjoyable method to provide the whole spouse and children together make your own shirt. All you would like are some cheap white t-shirts, some simple materials, along with a desire to specific on your own as a result of colour. In advance of you recognize it, you and your young ones will seem like you happen to be to the strategy to a Janis Joplin live performance back again in 1968.

Tie-Dye Supplies

Just before you learn how to make your own tye-dye t-shirts, right here would be the materials you are going to will need:

T-shirt (it’s also possible to use sheets, socks, or anything at all else which is a minimum of 60 % cotton)
Rubber bands
Spray bottle (utilized to utilize selected types of dye)
Rubber gloves
Old bucket to mix dye in
Salt (adding salt to dye aids it established and will make for additional colorful patterns)
Plastic baggage
Duct tape
Soda ash (some dyes require that you deal with apparel with soda ash before the dyeing system)
Garbage luggage

Ways to Tie-Dye a Shirt

Stage #1 – Commence by washing and drying the shirt for being tie-dyed.

Phase #2 – At this stage, you need to make your mind up what sort of tye-dye pattern you will be endeavoring to realize. Common styles consist of circles, spirals, and stripes.

Step #3 – Established up a workplace outside the house if at all possible, since the dye getting employed will permanently stain any fabric (or carpet) it will come into connection with. Use duct tape and garbage baggage to safeguard the area you can be engaged on.

Step #4 – Blend the dye as part of your bucket in accordance with the guidance within the box. Add soda ash if needed. Incorporate 1 cup of salt to help you the colours set, and become certain to don your rubber gloves.

Action #5 – Put the shirt to be dyed flat on to the work area.

Action #6 – Position your hand about the middle of the t-shirt and raise it in to the air. Operate your hand down the quick and assemble it with each other.

Step #7 – Correct earlier mentioned where you lifted the shirt, position the 1st rubber band. Then, each inch or two, area a different rubber band and wrap it firmly all around the shirt. When you’ve got finished, the size in the shirt need to be wrapped in rubber bands.

Stage #8 – Area the shirt into the dye and depart as per the instructions over the box. For those who are likely to dye the fabric more than just one color, it is best to get started on with all the lightest shade.

Move #9 – Just after dyeing each individual color, get rid of the shirt and rinse it off with warm after which you can great water (if it claims so on the dye box). Depending upon the preferred sample, you may need to get rid of the rubber bands just after the initial dyeing. Generally talk to the box, as some dyes need you to definitely wait around 24 several hours just before rinsing (trying to keep the shirt inside a garbage bag during the meantime).

Move #10 – Right after you’ve got tye-dyed your shirt, ensure that you wash it individually in great h2o to the initially handful of times. In case any dye bleeds, this could assure that other dresses are not stained.

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